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The benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

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The practice of yoga touches us on many levels. With a consistent practice, you can achieve many transformational benefits. When carrying what we learn and experience on our mats into our daily lives is when the true magic of yoga begins. This week, we will explore 4 of 8 benefits of a regular practice.

1. Physical Health
Yoga helps to support your immune system. It regulates blood pressure and heart rate. It can encourage weight loss and studies have shown that it can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Breath work (pranayama) also benefits your overall health and well-being greatly.

2. Strength
Even after just a few weeks of a regular yoga practice you are gaining strength. This strength is not only physical but also in mind and spirit. Self confidence increases and you become a stronger person both inside and out.This strength allows you to take care of yourself first and affirm yourself through kindness, love and compassion.

3. Flexibility
Similar to strength, flexibility can be applied to the physical body as well as the mental aspect. Yoga will show you the way to become more flexible without pushing yourself. The process happens naturally and over time. As you cultivate flexibility, you let go of resistance and attachment. This allows you to open your heart to new opportunities. Watch and see how this mental flexibility will enhance your relationships outside of the studio.

4. Balance
We tend to lose balance as we age. Yoga supports us in gaining balance every time we practice. The more you practice balance through yoga, the better you get at it. When balancing, you focus on a still point (Drishti) and practice concentration. This ability to hold a Drishti and maintain focus supports you to access moments of stillness and supports living in the present moment.

Next week we will explore 4 additional benefits of a consistent practice. Remember, each time you come to your mat you are getting stronger and stronger. Gaining strength both physically and mentally. See you on the mat!

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