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Why Yin Yoga is so Popular...

Yin Yoga

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear" ~ Ram Dass

Yin yoga is a deliciously deep, meditative and reflective practice. Floor based postures are held for an extended period of time. Unlike a dynamic yang practice that targets the muscles, yin yoga works into the deep connective tissues, fascia, joints and bones. Yin practice is healing and nourishing with profound physical, emotional and energetic effects. Through a yin yoga practice, we allow ourselves the space and time to travel inward. Beneath the layers that we create. It is here that we learn to live with grace, strength and courage.

Here are a few reasons how yin yoga can change your life....

1. Flexibility is increased
Practicing yin yoga will give you a greater range of motion and increased flexibility. In order to gain true flexibility it is important to keep the fascia stretched out. Fascia is a continuous web of tissue that surrounds the organs, lymph nodes, muscles and nerves.

2. Tension and stress are alleviated
Rather than tightening muscles like in a yang practice, in yin we lengthen connective tissue, release the muscles and deepen the breath. This aids in lowering cortisol levels which in turn calm the mind. By incorporating mindfulness and observing the emotions we can then allow them to release and become more present.

3. Energetic toxins are released
Toxins stem from emotions: anger, stress, worry, anxiety, grief, sadness and even extreme excitement. Releasing these energetic toxins with longer holding postures can bring balance into the body. When the energies flow freely through the body channels (meridians) improved health, immunity and emotional balance can be achieved.

Yin yoga is simple but challenging. Adding this quieter aspect of yoga into your practice can help restore balance and focus. There is opportunity for stillness which will allow for living in the present moment with mindfulness. It may even provoke insights to allow us to make significant changes in life. This practice will leave you feeling renewed, refreshed and restored.

Empower Yoga offers Candlelight Yin every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7:45-8:45pm. Come find your calm, come find your stillness.

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